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Rite of Passage retreats are designed to help individuals reconnect with their true essence and inspired by time-honored traditions, these retreats create a sacred space for participants to face and transcend inner challenges, fostering profound personal growth.


Through practices such as somatic healing, breathwork, guided meditations, archetype explorations, psychodrama and many other experiential, facilitated processes, participants are gently guided towards greater self-awareness and inner peace.


An Elevated Life
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August 19-25, 2024 | Huelo, Maui

Journey through the 5 elements in the vibrant jungle of Maui! Lush waterfalls, dynamic wellness practices, delicious food and amazing company! A transformative process to launch you into a new chapter of creation and authenticity! 

We will open slowly, pierce through deep layers and weave in together to integrate, anchoring blessings and new opportunities into your life. We will harness the power of conscious movement, breath, somatic practices, connection to the land, authentic communication, sound healing and personalized support to assist you in your growth in a nourishing way. Through the care of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies our circle of experienced facilitators honor you with open, humble hearts.

This experience is a deep dive that is also restorative and playful. Journeys off property to sacred valleys and mountains adding in cultural connection, adventure and exploration.

It is time for the layers to shed and the phoenix to rise! Ignite the passion and creativity bubbling under the surface and return with a renewed sense of self along with new soul family and meaningful connections to yourself, others and the Earth.

Sacred Sons Convergence 9 “REMEMBRANCE”

September 19-22, 2024 | Olympic Peninsula, WA

REMEMBRANCE weaves us into a place within the natural, a space among the tapestry of life’s beautiful design.


Remembering is an awareness of orientation and situation, a consistent thread on a web of memories that represents our relationships, to all of life, our past and future.

How do we remember a future? While we move toward the time before us? There is a longing in remembrance, among the murk of modernity and the pains of being human, we can still gather together for the act of remembering ourselves anew in ancient knowing’s.

REMEMBRANCE is a ceremony of life’s blessings and hardships, who we were and who we know we can be. To be daring in our approach and in our deeds, to carry memories that uplift us and to relinquish those that tatter us.


October 3-6, 2024 | Crestone, CO

This profound retreat is one where men come to heal their wounding with the feminine in a space staffed and facilitated by women.


Men attending get a chance to tend to their pasts wounds, face their fears and do so as a brotherhood. They get to experience the miracle of knowing who they truly are beyond their strategies and shadows. They get to really KNOW in every cell in their bodies that they are good and lovable and deserving for no other reason than that they simple ARE. They don’t have to DO anything, they get to just open to what is.


And the women who staff also receive deep healing. When men show up and are vulnerable, women’s hearts are opened. 


October 31-November 3, 2024 | Austin, TX

COR Woman dives deep into what it really means to be a woman, in all her facets and all her ways. Women come in feeling excited, scared, resistant, ready and we do it all….we shake, we cry, we scream, we laugh, we crack open and we move together through it all.


The beauty that happens when women stick together and raise each other up instead of tear each other down is that we heal deep sister wounds and know at our very CORE our own goodness and the goodness of each other.

Women leave feeling open, raw, empowered and so full of love that it was oozing out of each one of them. And they bring this back into their lives, to share with their family, friends, co-workers and community. 

What a gift it is to be a woman!

Image by David Clode

Click below to view photos from past retreats.

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