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I won't bore you with a laundry list of my certifications, trainings or high-profile clientele. Instead, I want you to know this: I'm more than a mentor; I’m your biggest fan, your greatest ally, your cheerleader…I care about YOU! My passion lies in seeing you embrace personal responsibility, fully engaged in your life, connected to your family and community, and feeling that each step you take echoes your true potential.


I know and trust that you have all the tools necessary to work through whatever is coming up for you. I am here to be a loving and compassionate mirror, to reflect YOU to YOU and to be a conduit for the benevolent force of this universe to speak through me.

What I bring to the table is an unwavering commitment and a mission to empower you. My intention is to help you trust yourself, recognize your magnificence, and establish a connection with your inner wisdom so profound that you will leave our sessions feeling greatly expanded and deeply aligned.

You're here for it all, the deep dives, feeling into all the edges and being in right relationship in all the ways. And I am here with YOU, by your side, every step of the way. Your journey awaits—let's make it happen.

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I am a stand for remembering- remembering who you really are, remembering why you are here and remembering your interconnectedness to all things

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An Elevated Life


Jessica Vignolle

Ready to spiral higher and higher on your transformational journey? Reach out to explore what is possible for you when you commit to your process through Alignment Mentorship.

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