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In the continued quest to spiral higher and higher
I invite you to journey with me into the deep healing realms of working with Kambo



An Elevated Life

Kambo, sourced from the secretion of the Amazonian Giant Monkey Frog, Phyllomedusa Bicolor, stands as a marvel of nature's ingenuity. Within this secretion lies a complex blend of peptides, each holding the key to a profound journey of physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual transformation.

Renowned Italian pharmacologist Vittorio Erspamer, twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, embarked on a pioneering exploration of Kambo within the confines of a laboratory. His groundbreaking research revealed Kambo's remarkable chemical composition, heralding it as a substance with unparalleled potential for medical applications among amphibians.

At the heart of Kambo's potency lie its bioactive peptides and neuropeptides, revered for their therapeutic prowess. These peptides weave a tapestry of healing effects, spanning the realms of disease prevention and physiological balance. From bolstering the gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems to fortifying the immune and nervous systems, Kambo's peptides offer a holistic approach to health and healing.

What is Kambo?

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While Kambo may not fit within the confines of conventional Western medicine, its therapeutic potential has garnered widespread acclaim. With analgesic properties rivaling morphine but devoid of addictive tendencies, Kambo offers relief to those battling pain and autoimmune disorders. Its efficacy extends to psychological challenges, offering solace to individuals grappling with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The neuropeptides support healing in individuals suffering from TBI. This is just a small window into the incredible health and healing potentials that Kambo offers.

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Produces contraction at the smooth muscle level and increases secretions of the entire gastrointestinal tract such as the salivary glands, stomach, small and large intestine, pancreas and gallbladder. These peptides work to induce the deep purge that takes place in a Kambo session.


During a Kambo ceremony with me**, which lasts about 2 hours, you will get to experience the reverence and respect which I have for both working with you as well as with this medicine. These ceremonies are incredibly sacred to me, and I'm committed to making sure the space feels warm, safe, supportive and healing so that you leave feeling cared for, renewed, and ready to put supportive practices into place to maintain what you receive from your experience.

In a Kambo session, the medicine is applied safely through small blister points known as 'gates,' made with a natural incense stick. These gates are superficial, only affecting the top layer of skin, similar to a popped blister.

Typically, we open 3-5 gates during a first basic session. Before applying the Kambo, you'll be asked to drink 1/2 to 3/4 liters of water. Once the Kambo is applied, you'll start to feel its effects within minutes.


Initially, you'll experience warmth spreading throughout your body, followed by an increase in heart rate and possibly a buzzing sensation around your ears. Your lips and tongue might tingle or feel slightly numb. Then, you may experience a some dizziness or feel lightheaded, followed by flu-like symptoms such as weakness, aches, fatigue, and nausea. Though you may feel the urge to purge, it's important to note that it's not necessary. Once the Kambo is in your system, you will receive the benefits.

When purging occurs it is due to some of the peptides that cause the smooth muscles of the intestines to contract as well as the activation of certain brain receptors. If you do purge, what's expelled is mostly water and bile. However, it's crucial to understand that purging bile during a Kambo ceremony is a natural bodily response and doesn't necessarily indicate the expulsion of toxins; that's primarily your liver's function.

After purging, the flu-like symptoms subside, leaving you feeling relaxed and possibly even blissful. Most clients feel ready to complete within 30-45 minutes after the Kambo is removed, though it could take longer for some. The benefits of Kambo typically become noticeable the next day and can last for days or even weeks after the session (and hopefully for your lifetime).

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Yes, it is legal in the U.S. and most other countries. And as long as we continue to practice responsible facilitation of Kambo, it should remain legal. It is very important to seek out trained practitioners who have been taught the science and safety of working with Kambo.

**The most effective way to work with Kambo is through a Sacred Trinity which is a total of three ceremonies held over three days.


Working with Kambo in this way creates a potent reset of all your systems—mind, body, and spirit. This is especially effective at treating physical conditions and dis-ease in the body, as well as anxiety and depression. 

DISCLAIMER: Jessica does not provide medical advice.


Proud to be a Tribal Detox trained Kambo Practitioner. Our focus as practitioners is to prioritize responsible Kambo application and client safety.

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