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All Seekers and Citizens of the Field Below the Horizon: Are You Ready? 

We are starting up the second round of our dream circle and are calling in 8-12 dreamers that would like to meet every Monday starting July 1, 2024 and going for 12 weeks at our home in Haiku.


The purpose is to examine our subconscious via the symbology of dreams in a safe, intimate and confidential container with heartfelt guidance and facilitation in a group setting. Informal analysis and input from the group is intended. 

The goal is to uncover, discover and discuss what we dream about, to recognize and process symbols, recurring themes, and actively unpack this special language; consciously integrating our dream life in service to health and wholeness.


We will establish and maintain a dream journal ongoingly. The physiology of sleep itself will be examined and enhanced as a practice, with a suggested reading list of pertinent material. We will also delve into the fundamentals of lucid dreaming, sharing ways and means. Drawing, sketching and painting of dream imagery will be encouraged and explored. 

Serving cacao and hoping to work with 1-2 dreams and dreamers

per week in our 2 hour gatherings. 

$11-$22 donation requested each week

Facilitated by Greg and Jessica Vignolle

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